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One day Jeep Tour in Kazbegi – Discover Country Georgia

Gudauri, Kazbegi, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Georgia
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One day Jeep Tour in Kazbegi – Discover Country Georgia

Tour name: One day Jeep Tour in Kazbegi – Discover Country Georgia

Route: Tbilisi – Zhinvali DAM – Ananuri Fortress – Gudauri Ski Resort – Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) – Gergeti Trinity Church – Dariali Gorge – Sno Village – Tbilisi
Tour type: Cultural, Adventure Tourism, Jeep Tour
Transportation Mode: 4X4 Jeep Mitsubishi Delica or Toyota 4Runner
Meal: Half Board
Tour Duration: One day
Distance: One way 175km
Meeting Point: Agreed location

Detailed description of One day Jeep Tour in Kazbegi – Discover Country Georgia

09:00 Departure from Tbilisi to Kazbegi

10:30 Your first stop will be at Ananuri complex, a former residence of Argveti Dukes

11:30 Continue our drive to see the conjunction of two small mountain rivers in the Village Pasanauri

13:00 We will drive over the Cross Pass and make a short stop at the “Friendship Monument” in Gudauri ski resort

13:30 Vedza – Sour Springs

15:00 Gergeti Trinity Church located on altitude of 2200 m. and enjoy breathtaking views of Mt Kazbegi

16:30 Dariali gorge

17:30 Fortress of Sno and residence of the Catholicos-Patriarch Of All Georgia

19:30 On the way back dinner in Village Pasanauri which is famous as Birthplace of Khinkali (Georgian Dumplings)

21:00 Arrival to the Tbilisi. Drop-off at your hotel

End of One day Jeep Tour in Kazbegi – Discover Country Georgia


Kazbegi National Park

Kazbegi National Park is located on the northern slopes of the mighty Caucasus range, and its protected area covers a total of over 8,700 hectares. At 5,047 metres above sea level, Kazbegi Mountain (or Mkinvartsveri) is the third highest mountain in Georgia, and is surrounded by myths and religious tradition. According to Greek mythology, as punishment for teaching mankind how to make fire, the Titan Prometheus was chained to a mountainside in the Caucasus for all eternity. According to Georgian stories, it was the icy slopes of Kazbegi to which he was chained. Prometheus (known as Amirani in Georgia) was supposedly imprisoned in a cave 4,000 meters high. The cave, now called Betlemi (Bethlehem), later served as a dwelling for orthodox monks, and is said to have contained many sacred relics, including Abraham’s tent and Christ’s manger. Hot springs and acidic and carbonated lakes surround the mountain, and earth tremors are fairly frequent. Covered with 135 square kilometers of glacier, Kazbegi is a great place for ice climbing and mountaineering. The Dariali Gorge is an impossibly steep cleft in the mountains connecting Russia and Georgia, running for 15km from Stepantsminda to the Russian border at Zemo Larsi (Upper Lars). For millennia, this mountain passage has been strategically crucial, and has been fortified since at least 150 BC. In places, the cliff faces are more than 1,000m high, and medieval watchtowers, waterfalls and wildlife make this one of the most incredible roads in the world. The steep valleys either side of the gorge are great places for bird watching. Eagles, hawks and the massive griffon vultures all nest among the rocky outcrops. The town of Stepantsminda (also called Kazbegi) itself is charming and a wonderful base camp for exploring the region further. There are many guesthouses where locals are happy to treat you like family, rustic and beautiful with views of the mountains, and often the picturesque Gergeti Trinity Church.


  • Ananuri Fortified Castle Ensemble (XVI-XVII A.D.)
  • Gudauri Ski Resort
  • Friendship Monument - Gudauri Panorama
  • Vedza - Sour mineral springs
  • Gergeti Trinity Church
  • Dariali gorge
  • Sno fortress


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Ananuri Fortress
Ananuri Fortress

The fairy-tale Ananuri ensemble is beautifully situated on the Georgian Military Highway, on the shore of the azure blue Zhinvali reservoir. Zurab Aragveli, who is responsible for building much of what is now seen, was a ruthless local prince known for attacking neighboring mountain clans and even blinding his own brother. In spite of this, the complex he produced rates as one of the top sites of Georgia, with two churches and a watchtower squeezed almost impossibly inside massive defensive walls with huge battlements.

Gudauri Ski Resort
Gudauri Ski Resort

Gudauri, at over 2,000 meters above sea level, is situated on the Georgian military road near the Cross Mountain Pass of the main Caucasus range, about 120km from Tbilisi. Even in mild winters, Gudauri offers reliable snow cover from November through April. The total length of groomed ski runs are over 20km and are suitable for all skiers, from beginners to experts. Gudauri is well known for its winter activities and hosts ski and snowboard competitions and sports festivals every year. Gudauri is also a great summer destination, offering bird watching, trekking, horseback riding and rafting.

Gergeti Trinity Church
Gergeti Trinity Church

This spectacular building says “Georgia” like no other buildings can. The Tsminda Sameba or Gergetis Thrinity Church has been the subject of a million tourist photos, book covers and postcards. Built of massive granite blocks at a height of 2,170 meters, the 14th century cross-domed church and bell tower are an amazing feat of architecture and sheer human dedication. The exterior is richly carved with grape vines, animals and the sun, all of which is covered in a thick layer of startling yellow lichen, almost as old as the church itself. Framed by the magnificence of the snow covered Mount Kazbegi, it’s easy to see why this is one of the highlights of any trip to Georgia. To truly appreciate the view, we recommend hiking from the town of Stepantsminda. Leaving the town, you’ll cross the bridge over the raging torrent of the river Tergi, through the village of Gergeti, and arrive at the church grounds in over an hour. For an easier approach, 4x4 vehicles (which can be rented in the centre of Stepantsminda) take a much quicker route of just half an hour.

Mt. Kazbek
Mt. Kazbek

This 5047m extinct volcano towering west of Kazbegi has much folk history. The Greek Prometheus was supposedly chained up here for stealing fire from the gods, as was the Georgian Amirani, for challenging God’s omnipotence. Amirani’s legendary abode was somewhere near the Betlemi (Bethlehem) cave, 4000m above sea level, where resided a hermit and many very sacred objects – Christ’s manger, Abraham’s tent and a dove- rocked golden cradle whose sight would blind a human being. There were taboos against hunting on the mountain and climbing it. Not surprisingly, the first to conquer Kazbek’s peak were foreigners: Freshfield, Tucker and Moore of the London Alpine Club in 1868.
There is indeed a cave at 4000m, near the Meteo Station, which serves as the base for Kazbek ascents today. Somewhere around 5000 people a year climb to Kazbek’s summit but it’s not for everyone: this is a challenging mountaineering experience that requires fitness and acclimatisation to altitude. At the Meteo Station you may be able to join a group heading to the summit for 50 GEL to 100 GEL – but to ensure guide services you should organise them beforehand with our Company.
The ascent is technically straightforward, though there is some danger in crevasses. It generally takes three or four days from Kazbegi, with nights spent at the Meteo Station. The second day is usually spent acclimatising with climbs to the Maili Plateau (4500m) or Ortsveri Peak (4365m). On day three you start for the summit from the Meteo Sta- tion in the early hours of the morning. The ascent takes around six hours, with the steep final 150m involving about three rope lengths of 35- to 40-degree ice. The descent to the Meteo Station for the third night takes up to another six hours.

Sno Fortress
Sno Fortress

Right on the banks of the river Sno, an estuary of Tergi River, sits the village and impressive fortress of Sno. The fortress is in a great position on a stony hilltop, with a pyramidal tower in the centre. Sitting so high up and surrounded by an almost circular wall, it is almost inaccessible. Scholars estimate that it was built in the 16-17th centuries to defend the gorge that contained shorter routes to Khevsureti, Pshavi, and Mtiuleti. The fortress belonged to the Ghudushauri family.


  • Transportation with 4X4 Car
  • English / Russian speaking guide
  • Half Board meal
  • Museum Tickets
  • Bottle of Mineral water
  • Additional Services
  • Insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Air Tickets


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Tour's Location

Gudauri, Kazbegi, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Georgia


What is total distance of this tour?

• Tbilisi - Ananuri 65 km • Ananuri - Gudauri 55 km • Gudauri - Stephantsminda 30 km • Stephantsminda - Gergeti Trinity Church 5 km • TOTAL DISTANCE (one way) - 155 km •

When to go and weather

• The ideal seasons in most of the country are from mid-May to early July, and early September to mid-October, when it’s generally warm and sunny • July and August can be uncomfortably humid in the lowlands, with temperatures reaching 40°C. But this is an excellent time to be in the mountains, and it’s high season on the Black Sea • Best months for hiking in the Great Caucasus are June to September • Early autumn brings the festive wine harvest in Kakheti, from about 20 September to 20 October • Ski Season in Georgia Starts from second half of December and lasts till end of March •

What's the necessary gears for this tour?

• Comfortable clothes • Water resistant winter jacket • Shades • Water flask •

Are there any dress-code rules in Georgia?

There is no general dress-code or any other clothing limitations in Georgia, except Churches and Monasteries. Women have to cover their head and shoulders with scarf. Men are required to cover their legs. Shorts are not allowed.

Is Georgian food suitable for vegetarians?

There are a number of vegetarian friendly dishes in traditional Georgian cuisine. Among the most popular dishes are Khachapuri, Khinkali (Georgian dumplings; make sure you order them with either cheese, mushrooms or vegetables), Lobio or Lobiani (bean stew served in a clay jar), baked mushrooms with Sulguni cheese (traditionally served in a clay pot).

from ₾225,25

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